The Concept

What are the characteristics that define a boutique hotel? First, it is perhaps easier to define what does not make a boutique hotel. Following are some unwritten rules:


  • A boutique hotel does not exceed 150 rooms

There is a general perception that the upper limit capacity is 100 rooms but some 150-room boutique hotels are also acceptable. However, there is a noticeable consent that distinguishes the standardized hotels from boutique hotels, which is the connection experience between the guests and the staff of the hotel. Most boutique hotels impose the acknowledgement of guests names by all hotel staff which in a large, multi-hundred-room hotel is clearly difficult to achieve.

  • A boutique hotel doesn’t feel like a chain hotel

In big chains of hotels, regardless of the city you visit, the logo, design, lobby and common areas are mostly the same. Every boutique hotel has a unique design and theme making each hotel exceptional.

  • A boutique hotel is non-traditional

Brand hotels are filled with traditional and specific features and descriptions. Regardless, if you visit the Holiday Inn in Boston, Bangkok or in Birmingham, you will always know what to expect. In the other hand, boutique hotels are completely different, varying from modern shapes, 21st century fashionable interior and exterior aspects and a variety of styles are found in the most successful downtown boutique hotels.

Technology is also an important aspect of boutique hotels, since the external environment and atmosphere is realized through the physical buildings characteristics, such as light and music in public areas and in-room comfort by raising the standard of services by a DVD player, LCD TV and wireless high-speed internet connection.

Staying in a boutique hotel is surely a creative and trendy experience, since it maintains guests lively and stylish. Indeed, the entertainment of a boutique hotel is not limited to the live music and entertainment programs and performances, but the fact is that a boutique hotel on its own existence is a natural form of entertainment by a trendy restaurant, a popular bar, the lobby, form and design, decoration and the spectacular views.


Some unwritten rules that characterize boutique hotels:


  • Boutique hotels are style

The key elements of boutique hotels are uniqueness, distinction, style, intimacy, warmth and confidence which attract guests whose individual needs can be individually fulfilled for a unique experience. Indeed, uniqueness and individuality is certainly the road to success and one of the most important factors to achieve. Even some hotels have introduced each room with a different style and theme, making it always a unique stay, even for frequent guests. In the name of design, boutique hotel companies have been formed by designers and design creator names such as Ian Schraeger and Olga Polizzi and other players in the name of fashion such as Camper and Zara.


  • A boutique hotel`s location is the key factor

Downtown still remains as the number one choice for hotel guests, however, for a boutique hotel; location is not the most important factor. It is expected that the hotel`s surroundings are also attractive sites.  Basically,  all the most popular downtown boutique hotels without exception are located in metropolises.

  • A boutique hotel provides its atmosphere with a unique cosmopolitan environment and personalized service

Atmosphere is an important factor for every boutique hotel, but the hotel`s environmental atmosphere is not the only factor that counts, it must be perfectly combined with personal experiences, including the physical characteristics and intangible but distinguishable features. The environment also includes the atmosphere of the interior design, the impression of the personalized level of service and the management and staff ˝guest-focused attitude.

  • A boutique hotel is formed by a well-trained, motivated, guest-oriented staff

A welcoming, cosy and professional hospitality vision by a well-trained and motivated staff is needed to maintain the desired and constant level of service, which are subject to continue trainings, courses and efficient and effective internal systems of measure and evaluation for the operation of a boutique hotel.

  • A boutique hotel`s effective use of Internet

The internet is the communications and public relations tool in a boutique hotel`s trend in promoting the brand and image, however, now as one of the most important sales channel for increasing revenue and an increasingly  important implement in pricing, the web`s technology is much more than an information gathering tool for individual and family planning.

  • A boutique hotel offers an affordable luxury where guest`s expectations and styles can be fulfilled

Today`s travellers expect more than just comfort and convenience from a hotel. The number of individual travellers whom number is gradually increasing is expecting to receive a pleasing and positive surprise benefit. Nowadays, when planning a journey guests are seeking for hotels with distinct and unique features and styles, and turning away from the standardized, large names.

  • A boutique hotel offers the most

Now there is certainly not a possibility of achieving name recognition of large chains like in the past. Nowadays, various brochures, internet portals and city guides, such as Sherman`s Travel, TripAdvisor and many other print and electronic media products are used in which clients can write their own experiences and recommendations about the services of the distinct boutique hotels.


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